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Our Services

Integrity Consulting is a full-service agency offering nationwide criminal investigations by implementing a broad-based range of services in the following areas:

We offer consulting services to allow the client options and information to determine the best course of action based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding the financial fraud.

Whether the client is primarily focused on potential recoveries, criminal prosecution, or merely an analysis of the best way forward, Integrity Consulting offers options supported by financial documentation for responsible business decision making.

Integrity Consulting brings a wealth of experience for swift and laser-focused criminal prosecution of perpetrator(s) of criminal, military criminal, and financial crimes investigations. We work directly with local, state and federal law enforcement authorities to assess the likelihood of criminal prosecution, the extent of potential recoveries, and other remedies available in each fraud situation.

We combine excellent investigative skills with financial analysis designed to quickly get to the issue at hand, develop an accurate valuation of the loss as a result of the fraud, and determine the course of action that resolves the matter.

Integrity Consulting utilizes excellent interview and interrogation skills developed over (35) years of criminal and white collar criminal investigations to get to the heart of the fraudulent activity.

Integrity Consulting develops an investigative and analysis plan based on the individual budget of each client.

Integrity Consulting also offers continuing education courses for criminal, white collar, and other investigations specialties.

Integrity Consulting offers a wide range of criminal investigations.

Integrity Consulting has contracted with the United States Army and Air Force in the following and many other criminal investigations: